Borough of Prospect Park, NJ

Business Administrator

The Borough Administrator is responsible to the Mayor and Council for the proper and efficient business affairs of the day-to-day operations of the Borough.  The Administrator plans, organizes and manages the preparation and administration of the annual operating and capital improvement
program and recommends operational and policy improvements. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Serving as the principle administrative officer by representing the Mayor and Council with the implementation of sound policy initiatives. 
  • Overall supervision of administrative matters in the department of general administration,
    finance and purchasing, and for the maintenance of sound personnel policies,
    administrative practices and purchasing.
  • Serving as a liaison and conduit between the Mayor and Council and professional advisors appointed by the Borough to the public at-large. 
  • Integrating, coordinating, and supervising the functions of all departments with the general administration in
    carrying out Borough functions and the policies of the Governing Body.
  • Carrying out of the functions of borough government, and advise the Governing Body
    and other Borough officials on matters affecting the public interest.
  • Assisting the Municipal Clerk in preparation of Council Meeting agendas.
  • Serving as the Public Information Officer by editing and compiling releases of information for the public and the press a directed by the Governing Body.

Business Administrator
Intashan Chowdhury, MPA 
973-790-7902 x 532
106 Brown Avenue
Prospect Park, NJ 07508   

Administrative Assistant 
Beauty Nadim 
973-790-7902 x 529
106 Brown Avenue
Prospect Park, NJ 07508